A Discovery Project funded by the Australian Research Council

Understanding the culture, learning and resourcefulness needed to work in interdisciplinary teams

Welcome to the home of “Developing Interdisciplinary Expertise in Universities” (DP200100376), a Discovery Project located at The University of Sydney, part of Sydney Nano’s Catalysts projects and funded by the Australian Government through the Australian Research Council. With this project, we are investigating interdisciplinary cultures, learning, work and resourcefulness and understand the socio-material nature of interdisciplinary learning and interdisciplinary expertise in the context of epistemic cultures.

Interdisciplinary Cultures

How do research and innovation communities create interdisciplinary knowledge? Capturing and mapping the main epistemic features and mechanisms that characterise interdisciplinary knowledge work, expertise, teaching and learning.

Interdisciplinary Teamwork

How do interdisciplinary teams learn? Identifying how learning is woven into the on-going everyday work of interdisciplinary R&D and establishing the main epistemic features of productive learning activities and environments.

Teachers’ Interdisciplinary Expertise

How can teacher educators help in-service and pre-service teachers develop their interdisciplinary expertise? A project for pre-service and in-service teacher educators funded by NSW DET Leveraging grant.

Interdisciplinary Resourcefulness

How do team members’ personal resourcefulness interacts with joint learning and shared construction of interdisciplinary knowledge?
Examining what it takes for individuals to develop the resourcefulness needed to tackle interdisciplinary challenges.

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