Developing teachers’ interdisciplinary expertise


This Strategic Leveraging project will extend our collective understanding of interdisciplinary expertise, and how to enhance its development for pre- and in-service teachers and, through that, how to strengthen students’ capabilities for interdisciplinary work. This project will produce an overarching framework that articulates the main constituents of teachers’ interdisciplinary expertise and co-create a set of practical reusable design resources for embedding the development of teachers’ interdisciplinary expertise in pre-service education and in-service professional development.

Key objectives

  1. To identify the principal challenges and barriers teachers face—and the capabilities and resources they need—when developing their students’ abilities to engage in productive interdisciplinary project work.
  2. To create a framework for developing teachers’ interdisciplinary expertise, including a set of reusable design resources for integrating the development of interdisciplinary expertise in pre-service teacher education and in-service professional development.
  3. To apply, test, refine and expand this framework and associated resources in a robust, iterative co-design process with experts, stakeholders and end-users.
  4. To disseminate the framework, resource kit and associated project outcomes.

A brief project description can be found here. More information is coming soon.

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