The Discovery Project

This ARC funded Sydney Nano Catalyst project aims to create a strong integrative research foundation to explain how university researchers and students develop the expertise needed to work in interdisciplinary teams and how this development can be enhanced. It combines three perspectives investigating:

  • how research and innovation communities create interdisciplinary knowledge;
  • how interdisciplinary teams learn to function effectively; and
  • the personal resourcefulness that enables individuals to participate in interdisciplinary work.

The outcomes are providing a much better understanding of the qualities that help individuals and groups to work productively across disciplinary boundaries. They will used to create better strategies for supporting interdisciplinary learning.

Chief Investigators

Lina Markauskaite

Professor of the Learning Sciences and co-director of the Centre for Research on Learning and Innovation, the University of Sydney, Australia.

Peter Goodyear

Professor of Education at The University of Sydney and was founding co-director of the University’s Centre for Research on Learning and Innovation.

Cara Wrigley

Professor and the Jericho Chair of Design Innovation at the University of Sydney, located in the School of Architecture, Design and Planning.


In addition to the three Chief Investigators, the project team also includes A Postdoctoral Research Associate, PhD Students and the support of five international collaborators.

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