The project will result in the co-development of key resources for the improvement of interdisciplinary research management and leadership and interdisciplinary education in universities and schools. This resource production forms part of Strand 4 of the project.

Tools and strategies for improving leadership, teaching and learning for interdisciplinary R&D and teaching teams. These resources will be co-designed with interdisciplinary research team leaders and course leaders. The research team will work with participants to transform synthesised project findings into tools and strategies that are likely to be useful in the participants’ own situations. Developed tools and strategies will be trialled in R&D sites and courses and iteratively refined. Co- design is of proven value for helping create a shared understanding of problems and solutions and for integrating diverse ideas. To enhance scalability, key outcomes will be described in the form of principles and patterns for research team management and course design.

These resources will be shared through this website as they are produced

Another set of resource includes key references in the areas of interdisciplinary learning, expertise, epistemic fluency and design and and will include publications summarising findings from the project.

Further, the following centres and groups provide useful information about interdisciplinary research:

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