Postgraduate Research Scholarships in Design Innovation and Learning Science

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The team is looking to expand with two full-time PhD candidates. We are eager to hear from people interested in interdisciplinary research and wanting to undertake one of two PhDs as part of the Australian Research Council’s Discovery project “Developing interdisciplinary expertise in universities”.

The PhD candidates will work on individual projects related to the larger research project Strands. One PhD project will focus on collaborative design with the aim to co-design, develop and test tools and strategies to support interdisciplinary knowledge work and learning in interdisciplinary teams. The other PhD will be a Learning Sciences project with a focus on investigating  interdisciplinary knowledge practices and learning in research and student teams. 

The positions are located at The University of Sydney and are scheduled to begin in March 2021 with completion planned for March 2024. Both positions are supported financially by a scholarship.

Applications are now open and will close on 18 January 2021.

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